ABOUT | Shin Campos 

Shin is a Freelance Line Producer and co-owner of Whistler Creek Productions. He has been producing award winning cinematic commercial & media content for brands such as NBC, Redbull, Samsung, Freeride Entertainment, Toyota and many others in just about every dusty or cold corner of the planet. From his own backyard in beautiful BC to volcanoes in Chile, to the driest corners of Southern Africa, to deep Alaska, the Arctic circle, and the highest mountains in Russia, he sets the bar for adventure filmmaking productions.

Shin's background as a professional athlete for 15 years in the snowboard industry lends to his experience producing award winning, next level branded content. 

Capabilities include executing and actualizing budgets, scouting and surveying locations, location permitting, full scale production management, safety protocols & logistics. 

RESUME | Work Experience 

FREERIDE ENTERTAINMENT, Line Producer, Field Producer, Head of Production 2012-PRESENT

WHISTLER CREEK PRODUCTIONS, Co-Owner, Producer, Head of Production  2006-PRESENT

FREELANCE PRODUCTION, Production Management, Locations, Guiding & Safety, Heli Logistics, Remote Access Planning 2007-2012